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If you are working in the construction or mining field, then you are probably wondering what is the best way to go, when it comes to heavy haulage in NSW. As the budget is never unlimited, most contractors have to chose where they will invest. Lets have a look at some criteria that might help you decide which is the best option for your company, before you start looking for heavy haulage in NSW, to bring your new babies home.

Buying new VS Buying used

If you want to buy your equipment because you think that renting would cost you more money in the long run, you have the option to buy used equipment. Yes, this could save you some capital, but if you decide to follow this route, you need to have the machinery professionally evaluated. Even in that case, you can never be sure what damage has been done, if it has been repaired and covered up carefully. In that sense, maybe it makes more sense to buy just one heavy construction vehicle new instead of three used ones.

The Buying and Renting combination

Evaluate your business and its strong points. Which are the machines that you use the most? Which are the types of work that you pride yourself on performing? Invest in the heavy equipment related to those tasks and rent the rest. As your capital grows, you can keep buying more equipment, but start with the basics, not the "gadgets".

The investment of big capital

If you have a big capital at your disposal, buying heavy construction equipment and building a fleet of your own might be a good idea. Just make sure that you buy first the equipment that you use the most and keep in mind that specialised heavy weight vehicles also require specialised drivers and operators, which means that you might need to hire new personnel as well. If you can afford it though, you have great chances of becoming a leading professional in your sector.

If you have decided to buy or rent a heavy weight vehicle or equipment are are wondering how to safely transport it, Total Tilt Trays is the company that you are looking for. They are experienced in heavy haulage in NSW for construction companies.

The Best Solution for NSW Heavy Haulage

Today, most companies that operate in the heavy haulage or mining industries prefer using a tilt tray truck. It has become one of the most convenient ways of transporting heavy vehicles and containers over long distances. A tilt tray truck is essentially a truck that has a rear that can be tilted downward to the ground level. This makes it very easy to draw the cargo onto the bed of the truck and a winch is all that is required. This kind of a truck is ideal for 12m (40ft)/ 6m (20ft) containers. The container is first loaded onto the truck, so that its doors are in the right position once it is delivered. The truck has to reverse to the delivery-point where the truck's tray tilts towards the ground & the container then slides-off the back.

The Experts

It's the same with any other heavy haulage in NSW that you need transported. We at Total Tilt Trays are one of the leading companies in the NSW heavy haulage space and have been providing consistently high levels of services to customers across the region. Our services are fast and reliable and since our tilt trucks can transport your cargo/heavy equipment across Australia, it gives you the convenience of having a high grade and reliable company working to ensure that your company's operations take place in a seamless manner.

The Cost-Effective Solution

The special tilt tray transport we provide is perfect for transporting vehicles, machinery and containers. Forget about cranes and forklifts or even expensive side-lifters; just use our tilt tray trucks- it's a cost-effective solutions for your heavy transportation needs. The reliability and on-time service that Total Tilt Trays provides is unmatched too. For more information about NSW Heavy Haulage call us on 0407 212 131. You can also contact us via this form.

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